Make Up of the Board of Management

Our Management Board comprises three senior journalists and a member of the public.

Russell Cunning holds two Masters and a PhD.  He is a member of a number of journalist’s associations.  Russell is located in the Philippines.

Edward Gibson is a retired Engineer who moved to Journalism.  He is a member of a number of journalist’s associations.  Edward is located in Ukraine.

Peter Matthews worked for many years in various government Minister’s offices, later moving to non-government reporting.  He is a published author with over 40 years experience reporting for International publications in support of the racing pigeon industry. Peter is located in Australia.

Denis Boboshko is a newly graduated journalist and brings some ‘new blood’ into the Associaton.  Denis is located in Ukraine.

Jenny Tate has worked for many years in local TV as both newsreader and journalist.  She is located in the USA.

Anthony Newland is a former civil servant and is not a journalist.  Anthony is our Council’s Member of the Public representative.  Anthony is located in the UK.

The Role of the Management Board

The Board of Management formulates policy which is implemented by the President, Dr Russell Cunning, and our employees.  Being so widely dispersed the Board meets via conference call.

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