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International Press ID Card

All full members* receive our Press Card.  The cost to replace a lost card is $45.  This covers the cost of production and postage.  You will receive:

  • Support from the Association before -or during – assignments in confirming and endorsing membership with editors and/or travel industry representatives etc.
  • first call press trip opportunities and other incentives sourced by the Association.
  • Our International Press ID Card which confirms membership of the International Association of Professional Working Journalists.
  • The Association members logo for use with email signatures and on websites and stationery.

Using the International Press ID Card

The International Press ID Card will identify you as a professional member of the working media.  It shows that you are recognized and accredited by an International Media Association to be a professional member of the working media.

The card is not a magic pass.  At the end of the day access is controlled by the management and/or officials of the event.  For large events, expos, trade shows, concerts etc. a separate Pass if often required.  These Passes are issued by the event managers.  To obtain such a pass you need to apply to the event organizers well in advance.  Your International Press ID Card is invaluable in supporting your application.

If you need, the IAPWJ can also provide a supporting letter specific to the event.  This is free of charge.  It should be requested at least a week before it is needed.  We will always provide the supporting letter as quickly as we can, however it may take some days.

*Student Members can order a Press ID Card at any time for the cost of a replacement card.  The card will expire when the student’s course ends.  Evidence of enrolment and course dates is required.  Student cards will be marked as ‘Journalist (Student Member)’.
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