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IAPWJ - Professional journalist association

IAPWJ – Professional journalist association

Membership is open to all journalists.  Whether your work is in TV, radio, newspapers, magazines or online, you are welcome to join.

To qualify as a working journalist, you must be currently publishing your material.  To qualify as a professional, you must be earning some money from your journalism.

Membership Benefits

Members get steep discounts on registration fees for the Annual Conference, a premier networking forum and the chance to hear from leading practitioners in news and technology.

Members also receive an International Press Card which identifies you as a professional member of the working press/media.

Freelance Membership

In this constantly changing media workplace, it is becoming increasingly important to stand out as a genuine expert of our profession.  Regardless of your role, if you are a journalist or media professional working freelance, then you need additional support.

The Association believes that self-regulation by journalists and media professionals is the optimal method to provide those who practise our craft at the highest ethical standards with recognition.  As a professional journalist associatoin for international journalists, the IAPWJ has responded by introducing this new category of freelance membership.

In addition to obtaining access to solutions to assist you in your business, Freelance members will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of the Journalists’ Code of Ethics and media laws.  In recognition of your expert standards, you will be granted exclusive right to a logo that you can utilize on your internet sites, blogs and also calling card to show your commitment to our specialist standards.

Freelance members of the Association will need to do an online, self-guided training course on the Association’s Code of Ethics. You will need to provide evidence that you have successfully completed a training course in media law not more than five years ago.

By completing this accreditation procedure, you will have access to enhanced services while demonstrating your dedication to professionalism and ethics in journalism.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are payable annually and are calculated from the time of joining.  Due to a number of inquiries about payment of more than one year the Executive decided to make Life Memberships available.  These are great value, costing around eight times the cost of an annual membership.  Life Memberships never expire.

A number of our members have been unable at one time or another to keep their membership current – a remote assignment for a few days turns into a few months, payment from an assignment in one country doesn’t reach their home bank account, or even just a period of unemployment can mean that membership renewals are not made on time.  Rather than risk a lapse in membership, why not take advantage of Life Membership of your professional journalist association?

Membership benefits include access to training, assistance with advocacy, and networking opportunities.

You may pay by PayPal or by credit card through PayPal.  There is no need to open a PayPal account.

We can arrange for monthly payments if you prefer.  If you need an alternative method of payment, please contact us and we will work out some arrangement that is suitable to both parties.

Student Membership

Our latest initiative is Student Membership, which is open to any bona fide student of journalism or associated media courses.  Membership is at a much reduced rate, therefore evidence is required of the enrolment and course completion date.  Student Membership cannot be renewed at Student level once the course is completed, however as graduates you are invited to take full membership of your professional journalist association .

Ready to join?  Download this application form and return by email to  You will be notified of the outcome.

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Membership is open to all working journalists.

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